The 8th edition of EEGS will be held 23-24 November, 2015

Eastern European Gaming Summit is the most prestigious forum in the gaming industry in Eastern Europe. EEGS calls together experts and professionals from the land based and online gaming, leisure and tourism sectors around the world to share information, experience and ideas. While some of attendees are curiously observing the gaming industry in the South Eastern Europe, we truly believe that we have also something to suggest to those, interested in the latest developments from the rest of the Europe, US, Russia and even Asia.
The conference is organized by the Bulgarian Association of Manufacturers and Operators in the Gaming Industry (BTAMOGI).


  • Hear the latest regulatory developments across Europe from top-level industry speakers.

  • Learn about the new legal changes into the emerging Eastern European markets.

  • Learn how your business can take advantage by harnessing the power of convergence between land-based and online gaming.

  • Get a different point of view on customer experience transformation by learning ways to increase retention and drive loyalty both for land-based and online gaming during our discussion panel.

  • Join the conversation about the gambling tourism in the region and hear the story for Macao’s experience.

  • Learn the crucial steps of the gaming evolution into an evolving digital world.

  • Hear the insight from mature markets in poker and how to create a sustainable ecosystem.

  • Learn more about the potential of eSports product vertical in sports betting, and get a better understanding of sport integrity and the impact of match-fixing as a question for sports and gambling.

  • Join the conversation of associations & experts from Eastern Europe who will outline top challenges for the gaming industry in the region.

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